Monday, February 06, 2006

Yuma, AZ to Gila Bend, AZ

Day 3 saw us first head south from Yuma the 30 km or so to the Mexican border where we parked the car at 'Friendship Park', which is a bit of a misnomer as the heavily fortified border line would indicate otherwise. Anyway, we crossed the border into Mexico on foot. Now, mere feet across this border the full blown street life of Mexico commences, with the usual scene of men hanging out on street corners. I was immediately approached by someone asking me if I needed a doctor. Hmm, do I really look that bad. The second store front read 'Dentista' so I assume a lot of US citizens get their teeth fixed here. We stumbled around town somewhat, a typically Mexican town filled with stores of every kind. Stumbled I say, because we kept tripping over the uneven sidewalk which is prevalent everywhere, something we are not (yet) used to. We spotted a cantina and our urge was too great: we succumbed to having a Corona at 9:15 am. Breakfast? the waitress asked Cerveza! we responded. We had a nice little chat, watched a bull fighting movie, paid our bill and walked back to the US. Anne managed to balance first on the Mexican side of the red line, then the American. Going back into the US wasn't a big deal: the line up was long, but the border guard was friendly. Next thing we had to solve a cross continent financial problem for one of the kids via cell phone and text messaging, while driving through the verdant valley of vegetables surrounding Yuma on all sides. That being solved somewhat, except for the pain in my cell phone bill, we headed east on I-10 towards Gila Bend, aptly named because there is a bend in the Gila river real close. On the way we stopped at Petroglyph Park, but I'm afraid I was more interested in the Organ Pipe cacti we saw on the way to getting to the park. Next, Gila Bend Travelodge where we educated the manager about all things good Canadian. We unloaded the car into our large room, had tacos at Sofia's Mexican Restaurant (very good), then walked our asses off, trying the lose the very same tacos we just ate. Go figure. Had a brewsky while watching HBO. Life is sweet indeed.

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