Saturday, April 22, 2006

Can Keith come out and play...?

Sitting down at my computer in the basement, I heard a rustle in the leaves collected in the window well. This drew my curiosity, as it drew his. The stare-off was a draw: he went his way and I went mine, though not until after I had rattled off some shots on the 20D.

Spring has been very mild this year, and everything is way ahead of normal. I already saw some fruit trees in bloom. The birds, well they do what comes naturally this time of year. They're all lovy-dovy. Just check out these mourning doves who where carrying on (and all now) in the crab apple tree up front.

The hours around dawn and dusk are what photographers call the magic hour, since that's when the light plays tricks on our eyes with its softness and long shadows. At that time, I love to take a walk to deep in the back yard, and then just stand there, looking back. Usually this time of year there is little wind then, so everything is so still and quiet, except for the cardinals singing their majestic song. Spine tingling/bone chilling. Here's the shot from way back there. I tried to record the cardinals' song, but I'm going to have to run out to Radio Shack to git me a microphone pre-amp, as it just wasn't loud enough. You really do need to see the larger version of this shot to even remotely get an idea as to what I'm talking about.

Then I took a walk in the forest, and lo and behold, I saw a trillium in bloom! In April! Most of our trilliums are red, white ones are somewhat rare around here for whatever reason.

On the way back out from taking this picture, I almost tripped over a rusted-out-long-ago-abandoned oil filter. Damn!

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Ronny said...

Hey there,

How's it going. I see you are already enjoying the beautiful upcoming growing nature in you back yard. And just as you say in your blog it's a really nice picture when you look to the house. Here in Holland the "bollenvelden" are also in bloom and ofcourse the "corso" is already gone with the wind for a week
I suppose. But it's still pretty chilly one's in a while. Sometimes the sun is really intens and all of a sudden it's cold and chilly again. Stupid see-climate hahaha.

Two days ago the travel agency send me the tickets. I will be flying to Pearson airport at the first of July and I'll be heading home again the twentysecond. For details I can probably better call you. And we have a couple of weeks to go ofcourse so there's no panic my dad would say.

You will probably think why the hell he is writing in English when I also can understand friggin dutch. Well hahah ... you can never practise enough!!

I also spoke to Brian last week I think he said his car broke down. Unbelieveable that this piece of crap lasted an other year longer. A lo a crap lad.. hahaa... my bike was also becoming a piece of crap. I had to fix the front end because it was leakin oil and the cilinder head was also leaking. My tyres "had ik behoorlijk op staan stoken" so these also had to be changed. That was rib out of my body. Well my dad's .. .€500,-. FUCK and these guys are one of the cheapist in fixing this kind of shit. All the way to Zoetermeer. But now the weather is getting better the birds are singing again that means riding my bike again.

See you later Ome Keith.....