Monday, June 19, 2006

Crop Duster

Living in the country and in this part of the country means that you have to put up with certain nuisances city dwellers can only dream of.

One of those is crop dusting. On a regular basis in late spring/early summer, the local crop duster will deliver his poisonous load to farm fields surrounding our house.

Now, to be sure, he always chooses nights when the winds are totally calm, so very little, if any, drifts over our way, so we only cough our lungs out for a couple of hours.

Besides that though, there is the plane buzzing overhead, making you think you were caught up in a remake of the Darryl F. Zanuck movie 'The Battle of Britain'. The engine whines, howls, screams, but fortunately so far, hasn't coughed, sputtered, nor died. Fortunately for us, because we'd be dead too.

Tonite, he was at it again, so I went out and shot some digital film. In this particular venture, he was dusting a potato field, just west of us.
Notice the hydro wires. Do planes and that type of equipment get along?

Average height over the field is probably 10 feet or so. At the very last second, literally, he'll pull up and just barely clear the tree tops before making a hard turn and coming in again to do the next pass. Why fight your way through traffic to see the Labour Day Air Show, when you can see it all in your backyard? Sheesh....

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Ronny said...

Brian verstond toch hele andere dingen onder " cropdusting" hahaha ... maar is wel gaaf geschoten die eerste foto.. dat vliegtuig lijkt net neer te storten..

Tot volgende week zaterdag!!!