Friday, September 14, 2007

Directions from Toronto International Airport to Simcoe Part III

Again, once you are on the regular, 3 lane portion of Hwy 403 towards Hamilton, stay in the second lane from the left, the middle lane. This takes you exactly to where you need to go. This picture shows where the Lincoln Alexander branches off from 403. About 2 km past this point, Hwy 403 narrows to 2 lanes. If you are in the middle lane, then you do not have to do anything.

You can breathe a sigh of relief now: traffic should get a lot lighter. From the Lincoln Alexander to Hwy 24 South to Simcoe is about 40 km. You'll pass through the city of Brantford. Note that there is also a Hwy 24 North exit, you do not wish to take that. You'll end up in Cambridge.

Here is the actual exit off 403 to Hwy 24 south. Once on the exit lane itself, stick to the left. At the end of the exit lane (ramp), there are traffic lights. On green, turn left onto Hwy 24.
Hwy 24 is 2 lanes, so it is not an expressway!

Hwy 24 can be divided in roughly three parts. The first part is done when after about 10 km, you reach a set of traffic lights. At the green light, drive straight through to the next set of lights (about 15 km). Once again, keep going straight. After that, at about 2 km, you will see the blue 'Norfolk County" sign. You are getting close!

From here on in, you will start seeing signs, spaced 1.2 km apart, pointing to Windham Rd 2, 3,4,5 etc. (There are also Townsend Rd going left (east) but ignore those. ) The road you are looking for is Windham Road 12. It obviously follows Windham Rd 11. There is a green and yellow John Deere farm machinery dealership just past Windham Rd 12. If you miss the road, simply turn into the parking lot of the dealership and make your way back through this parking lot to its Windham Road 12 exit.

Once on Windham Rd 12, there is a stop sign after about 3 km. (Speed limit here is 80 km). STOP and give right of way to ALL traffic on the crossing road. Proceed with caution. Drive another 3 km. On the side of the road, you'll see house numbers mounted on metal posts, green signs with white numbers. Our number is 801. The two numbers prior to that are 827 and 823, so once you pass 823, SLOW DOWN. From that point it is about 150 metres. Pull into the driveway. You have arrived!

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