Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shell Camino & Bounty Hunter

We paid a visit to the Simcoe Fair last week. Officially, this is known as the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show, but since that is too long to type, I’ll just call it the Simcoe Fair if you don’t mind.

Not really being all that interested in monster trucks, we found out that that very night they would be performing in front of the grandstand. So we casually decided to pay a visit.

Would you believe the entire grandstand is just jammed with people? Not a seat to be had. I guess I just live in a different world. From parents with very young children to senior citizens, they were all there.

Anyway, it wasn’t very long before the monsters started to truck. I tried some shots, but it was just too dark. The best I could get was this:


The body is a 1972 Chrevolet El Camino. The vehicle is driven by a woman from Plymouth, Michigan, Shelley Lujack. Unfortunately, she lost in car crushing finals from a dude by the name of Jimmy Creten driving the “Bounty Hunter”:


He came all the way from Kansas City, Kansas. Probably making the rounds on all the fairs in the area.

Reportedly, horse powers are in the range of 1600 to 2000. Jimmy’s truck supposedly has a 555 cubic inch displacement, that’s about 8 litres. Another subculture I know nothing about.

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Ronny said...

Wees gerust in Nederland heb je de Tractor pulling races.. meestal gedaan door boeren... die rijden met een soort "funny cars" alleen dan 4 meter hoog met soms 3 jet engines van een fighter jet die 8000 pk genereren ... en die moeten een gewicht van 80 ton 100 meter door de bagger heen trekken.

U zou daar eens moeten zoeken in Google.

Groetjs Ronny