Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I had some time yesterday afternoon to wrap up the siding of the gable end. Also was able to install the missing pieces in the soffit ceiling. So… all done now, save for some landscaping. Hopefully it will pass building inspection.





This was the design:





And this is what it looked like originally…picture from September 2007




Angela said...

The addition looks great. Congratulations Keith!

Ronny said...

Hey Ome Kees,

Looks great... never saw it ofcourse in a finished state. I am also very busy with a house in Sassenheim nearby the old flowerbulb barn where you worked in your early years..Polane or something like that. Only this is across the Parklaan in the Hoekstraat.

Nice to see that you are still writing a blog once in a while.. I usually check it "zo nu en dan "

Groetjes uit dit regenachtige kleine "drive across in 3 hours if yur lucky" country