Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hmm, some imaginative title, isn’t it?

Anyway, some shots from the last few days. First off, a female Baltimore Oriole at the feeder. They actually don’t eat ‘regular’ bird feed, but are attracted to the sugar water in the humming bird feeder.


Next, we have two shots of turkey vultures. The first one shows it being chased by a much smaller bird. Why, I don’t know, because vultures only eat dead stuff, so they are no threat to anything alive. So, instead of wasting its time and energy the dumb chaser bird could just be sitting back and relaxing. But I guess now I am into overanalyzing.


The last one is just of a vulture in mid-air showing off its wings. They tend to do a lot of gliding on air currents. all the while searching for dead stuff. Garbage (wo)men. Hope they are unionized.


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Timberman said...

Wat een prachtige plaatjes van die gier!